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Small Meeting Room

Small Meeting Room

This sweet and small meeting room is designed for your smaller groups. It is right next to our restaurant, which is the main benefit of using this room. If you have a very tight schedule you can get all the food and drinks for a coffee break or a meal break inside your meeting room. If seating doesn't allow we can arrange coffee and other drinks to be placed on a separate table that will not interfere with the event. 

Congress Hall in Krusevo

Congress in Hotel Montana in Krusevo

Our hotel has a special wing built for large business events. It's main feature is the huge congress hall, with 330 seats. To support such big events the entire wing has been designed with separate entrance from the hotel. A separate hall for reception leads towards the congress hall. At the other end of our congress facility you will find a beautiful terrace overlooking Krusevo. It is large enough to organize a coffee break when the weather is nice.