hard floor

Large Meeting Area

Large Meeting Area

For the purpose of hosting many educational and team building activities we have enabled our large meeting room, with enormous terrace overlooking the town. Seating can be arranged in many ways, and depending on the arrangement it can accommodate from 20 to 100 guests. 

Its location is on the floor bellow our lobby area. This location makes this room a very quiet place. This large meeting room has it's own set of toilets so as not to be disturbed by other guests, and to reduce the time needed for breaks. 

Hotel Pub with a fireplace

Hotel Pub in Krusevo

Hotel Montana Palace features a wonderful hotel pub, with magical view. The interior is designed in rustic style, featuring dark wood. It also includes a fire place for winter periods. There is truly no better place to be in winter in the entire region. You little children will be happy in our children playground in a boxed area so that you can enjoy your stay. 

Small Office for Business Events

Hotel Montana Office

Our hotel features a small office very close to most of our facilities. This office is very easily heated. It can be easily booked with a very short notice. Its location is right across the pub in the hallway leading to our congress hall. It is very flexible and can be used for many purposes.