Small Office for Business Events

A small office, that can accommodate up to 15 people for a meeting. 

Office close to the congress hall and the pub
Hotel Montana Office

Our hotel features a small office very close to most of our facilities. This office is very easily heated. It can be easily booked with a very short notice. Its location is right across the pub in the hallway leading to our congress hall. It is very flexible and can be used for many purposes.

Small office as an area for meetings or educational activities

This small office can easily fit up to 15 people depending on the seating. Two walls that can be used for projection make this area very flexible. It has a side view of our yard. It is a sunny spot in the mornings. The wide windows give it more than enough sunlight through the entire day. The pub is nearby where you can have your meals or coffee breaks.  

Organize your demanding events in private

It's closeness to most of the other business areas make this office the perfect spot for you and your team. Many organizers use this office as a place. It is a place where they can store their marketing materials. A spot where they can organize quietly.

Coffee break outside the small office, with a wonderful view

This office can also be locked. We can arrange that the key is only in the hands of some of the organizers. You can keep many valuables, marketing materials or other materials that you cannot take to your room.

As part of the regular furniture this small office includes:

  • closets for keeping documentation
  • safe for locking and keeping valuables
  • one small table
  • phone for calling inside the hotel
  • external line can be provided for an additional charge

Additionally we can equip this office with the following equipment:

  • Tables (as many as you need)
  • Chairs (as many as you need, various chair types available)
  • Projector - basic one available for presentations
  • Laptop and necessary cabling
  • Coffee machine, cups and additional kitchenware

The small office has an excellent coverage of WiFi Internet. The type of WiFi is AC, which provides much more stability and speed. It is an excellent place for organizing a conference call or other live events online. Ethernet cable can also be provided on request. 

This small office is the ideal place for your small meeting for up to 10 people. Seating can be arranged in many ways. The area is very quiet and easily heated. Optionally we can make your meeting easier to organize by providing you a VOIP phone for conferencing, projection equipment, reserve laptop and other necessary equipment. You can enjoy your meeting with a Nescafe machine for making coffee inside your office. 

Most of the large events happen in our large congress hall. This office is at the beginning of the hall leading to our congress hall. This makes it ideal private area for the organizers of any larger congress event. It can be used as a reception area for the guests, or as a place where organizers meet in private, or you can use it to host all the necessary equipment for live transmission or other tasks you need for your large conference. Simply having a place where you can store your conference materials will give you peace of mind. 

The small size, the warm environment make this sunny office a perfect place for holding a small class. You can present your theories in quiet environment with the benefit of AC WiFi for any online task.